Upper-Level Curriculum (Ages 10 and Up)

Though all lesson plans are customized according to students’ needs, we follow guidelines as outlined by the Ontario, Canada curriculum, as well as the most up-to-date international teaching standards. Our lessons exceed these standards while emphasizing your critical thinking skills and creativity. 

Grade 4 (Age 10)

Grade 5 (Ages 10–11)

Middle School (Ages 11–14)

Grade 4 English Skills Include

  • Summarizing, making connections between texts, and explaining themes or procedures
  • Decoding multisyllable and irregular words
  • Writing grammatically sound creative pieces with introductions, supporting details and conclusions
  • Participating in critical discussions

Grade 5 English Skills Include

  • Analyzing a text using quotes
  • Comparing and contrasting stories and characters
  • Understanding metaphors 
  • Understanding points of view
  • Researching
  • Preparing presentations
  • Understanding conjunctions and prepositions
  • Using capitalization, punctuation and verb tense

Middle School (Grades 6-8) English Skills Include

  • In-depth textual analyses using inferences
  • Comparing viewpoints 
  • Identifying literary devices including metaphors and similes
  • Identifying credible sources
  • Using multimedia to create engaging presentations
  • Identifying the subject and object in a sentence

Grade 4 STEM Skills Include

  • Scientific reasoning through hands-on experiments about physical science (magnetism, electricity, mineral identification, chromatography)
  • Multiplication, long division, and place value up to 1,000
  • Financial literacy
  • Food webs, chemistry, geology (including weathering and erosion, fossilization)
  • Astronomy

Grade 5 STEM Skills Include

  • Experimentation and observation of earthly phenomena such as hurricanes, gravity, watersheds, and cellular processes
  • Working with equations involving brackets, graphs, and 4 or more figures
  • Financial literacy
  • Atoms and elements
  • Taxonomy of animals and plants
  • Astronomy

Middle School STEM
Skills Include

  • Solving word problems using fractions
  • Savings, investments, and interest
  • Detailed observations of water bodies (aquifers, wetlands, seas, oceans) and atmospheric science
  • Chemistry (including subatomic particles and quantum physics)
  • Cellular biology, plant taxonomy, and animal physiology
  • Astronomy

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