Sample Lesson Plan Outlines

for Students 10 and Up

These are a small fraction of the basic lesson plans that we have for our students, and that we encourage you to use freely or to base your own lessons on if you homeschool your children! Of course, all lesson plans are customized for the child, because every child is unique. We blend English and STEM concepts, so students learn how to describe the world they are discovering around them.

Grade 4

Grade 5

Middle School

Big Ideas: The Little Prince

  • Read the story of The Little Prince
  • Discuss the messages in the story
  • Practice the art of storytelling with a characters, a plot and a conclusion (learning sequencing in language)

The Sea and Skies

  • Classify the types of animals on earth that are not mammals, namely reptiles, birds, and fish
  • Learn about spectacular animals such as the octopus (which has 3 hearts, 9 brains, and blue blood!) or the shark (a boneless, but strong fish that is endangered)


  • Learn the rule that “opposites attract”
  • magnets have two poles: north and south
  • Discuss Earth’s magnetic field and its poles

Grow a Flower

  • Learn to grow a bean from a seed while expanding scientific vocabulary
  • Identify parts of the plant (roots, stem, leaves) as well as parts of a flower (petals, stamen, pistil)
  • What is a flower? An immature fruit!

Ancient Civilizations

  • Choose an ancient civilization, whether in Africa, Europe, Asia, or the Americas
  • What were their cultural practices?
  • What did they wear and eat, before the people who live there today? (past perfect tense)

My Savings Account!

  • Dicuss the meaning of “interest” while practicing multiplication
  • Word problems involving numbers
  • Learning good financial habits

Cellular Processes

  • Discuss what our world looks like on a micro level, including subatomic particles, atoms, organelles, and cells (the building blocks of life)
  • Plant vs. animal cells
  • DNA

Old Stories

  • Read a classic tale such as Oliver Twist, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Treasure Island, Around the World in 80 Days, or another
  • What literary devices are used in the story (metaphor, similie, alliteration, etc.)?

The Stock Market

  • Learn about publicly traded companies and how they sell shares in the market
  • What happens when a stock rises or falls?
  • Why do people invest in stocks?


“What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” — Alfred Mercier

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