Sample Lesson Plan Outlines

for Students Under 10

These are a small fraction of the basic lesson plans that we have for our students, and that we encourage you to use freely or to base your own lessons on if you homeschool your children! Of course, all lesson plans are customized for the child, because every child is unique. We blend English and STEM concepts, so students learn how to describe the world they are discovering around them.


Grade 2

Grade 3

Story Time!

  • Read a classic fairy tale together such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel, or The Three Little Pigs
  • Recall the main points in the story

Clothes We Wear Through the Seasons

  • Discuss what we wear during the four seasons, and why (ex. we wear sweaters in winter to keep warm, because the weather is snowy and cold)
  • Describe the clothes that others are wearing in the present and present continuous tense


  • Learn about different types of dinosaurs, how they looked, and how they ate (past tense)
  • Why don’t we have dinosaurs on our planet today?

    How the Body Works

    • All animals need a few key things to live. What are they?
    • Using the example of an animal such a sloth or monkey for visualization, we will discuss its basic needs
    • How can we help animals to make sure they can get what they need?

    Sun, Moon, Earth

    • An intro to astronomy! What are the key features in our solar system? How are they the same? How are they different?
    • Stars (sun) vs. planets (Earth)

    Helping Heroes

    • What makes someone a hero?
    • Choose a historical figure from the past (past tense) or someone you know (present tense), and describe why they are your hero 


    • Learn to describe the climates of different parts of the world (vobulary enhancement)
    • Which climate is the student’s favourite, and why?

    Problem Solving

    • Simple addition and subtraction problems are introduced using currency

    • Financial awareness and responsible habits are encouraged


    • Examples of mammals
    • Mammal features:
      warm-blooded, have spines (vertebrates), usually furry, give birth to live young
    • Are humans mammals?
      Are whales and dolphins?
      Why or why not?


    “All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.” — Martin H. Fischer

    Here are some extra resources we find useful:  

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