“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” 

— Dr. Seuss

Test your English skills according to the CEFR ranking system by answering the questions below. Free, instant results.

Free English Level Quiz: A1/A2 (beginner), B1/B2 (intermediate), or C1/C2 (advanced).

1. The woman in the red dress … pretty.


2. … two books on the table.


3. My brother … study enough.


4. I … to a Neil Young concert.


5. How … for the tickets?


6. The ballerina, … dances every night, never wears a tutu.


7. I … believe you.


8. Choose the glass … is to the right.


9. I stopped … after my son was born because I knew it was time to quit.


10. One of these is not like the others:


11. When I visited yesterday, … two fish in the tank.


12. Sylvia … to go to the movies.


13. They … achieve their dreams if they work hard.


14. If I … money, I would go to Japan.


15. By the time I finally got to the beach, the sun ….


16. I … to the beach, if I had known it was dangerous at night.


17. You’ve watched the sunset before, …?


18. One of these is not like the others:


19. Are you … yoga and meditation?


20. The health benefits of vegetarianism are … research.


21. While you were sleeping, I … to my friend Sanjay very quietly.


22. How … does it take to drive from Canada to Mexico?


23. Not only is vegetarianism healthier, but … cheaper, too.


24. By the time I finish this quiz, she ….


25. By this time tomorrow, I … two more pages for my young adult manuscript.


26. You should … a shower every day.


27. Choose the verb that doesn’t fit: “I need to … on this carefully, before I make a decision.”


28. Sanjay … an English course at the moment.


29. The flowers in your garden are so beautiful! … them?


30. … to study English with me tomorrow afternoon?


31. Have you ever … to Niagara Falls?


32. Waking up at 5 o’clock seems tough to me, but Pratibha ….


33. STEM subjects are fascinating, … intimidating to some people.


34. The workers … the office for today.


35. If I …, I would save the world!


36. … never … a dinosaur.


37. … you mind?


38. If you … to them first, our friends would have listened to you last month.


39. Where do you live? (Choose the most grammatically correct response.)


40. Choose the verb that doesn’t fit: I … to go the gym right now!


41. Did you eat chocolate bars a lot as a child?


42. I am grateful … your effort.


43. One of these verbs is not like the others:


44. I … the quiz!


45. Now it’s time to relax and ….